Our ability

Communications and socio-economic developmental services anchor, that is able!!

Why us?

An Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation (ACSM) Social Agency

In a nutshell

we offer Marketing and Communications services using socio-economic developmental approaches.

About Us

Cool Ideas Integrated Communications (CII247) is a Communication for Development (C4D) and Social Transformation Agency. We offer Marketing and Communications services. We position ourselves as innovation advocates, and systematic change agents and believe in Communicating for Impact.

We are a developmental Integrated Communications entity that works through on-the-ground communications.

  • Our core work is Communication for Development (C4D).
  • Our work resides in building consensus in communities and facilitating knowledge sharing to achieve positive change in development initiatives.
  • We offer inclusive services aimed at interpreting, simplifying and rooting client messages of change in order to produce “Can do individuals and Communities”.
  • We specialise in the facilitation of Community Conversations / Dialogues as spaces for interaction, change and transfer.
  • We develop media products and their interpretative daises

In a nutshell, we offer Marketing and Communications services using socio-economic developmental approaches. We design solutions to support response Strategic Plans in Health and Development (including GBV) through multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary methodologies and theories of change. We offer Advocacy, Communications and Social Mobilisation (ACSM) Model services. Highly experienced in working in communities and with key populations. We have a young team of competent creatives, facilitators and media practitioners.

  • Mass and Community media, marketing and communications services

    Over the past few years, Cool Ideas has facilitated on-the-ground communication through social mobilisation, personal door-to-door interaction, word of mouth and face-to-face community engagement. It has developed and utilised non-conventional campaigning & media products and platforms.

  • Facilitated Conversations and Dialogues

    We have developed and utilised non-conventional (non-traditional) media channels and platforms, innovative campaigning including engagements that includes:

  • Project designs, implementation and management

    We specialize in developing communication strategies, marketing and media plans. We also develop customized client-oriented communication strategy and on-going monitoring and evaluation support.

  • Influencer interventions and digital media

    Over the past few years, we have facilitated on-the-ground (community based) social marketing and communications service. This we did through personal interactions with targeted audiences – a door to door interaction, word of mouth and community engagements and social mobilisation.

Our Services

  1. Through The Line Mass Media Marketing and Communications Services
  2. Social Mobilisation, Activations and Outreach
  3. Social Events management and Community Dialogues
  4. Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  5. Consultancy

Our Competencies

  1. Communication for Development (C4D) and Marketing Services, Through-the-Line.
  2. Strategic Facilitation – Dialogues and Conversations.
  3. Sensitization and other Training Services.
  4. Health and Wellness Enhancement programming, execution and management.
  5. Media relations, communications strategy, PR campaigns, stakeholder engagement, reputation management.

Recent and Long past clients

Conducting A rapid assessment study on needs of adolescents and Youth (15 to 24 years) living with HIV (ALHIV). Facilitation of Capacity Building Sessions on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)  and Climate Change for Out-of-School Youth in partnership with Office of the Premier, Limpopo DSD, Health, Basic Education and CSF in Limpopo 2022

Conducting a gender assessment process consultancy between 2019 and 2021 for the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

Conducting stakeholder engagement Learning through pPlay programme for ECD’s in 2022 for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Socio-Economic Development Programme, Stakeholder Management and Community Engagement  2022/2023

ISSSASA Programme (Increasing Services for Survivors of Sexual Assault in South Africa), popularization of Thuthuzela Care Centres 2016

Sex Worker enumeration project and the Sex Worker Sensitization programme from 2016 to 2018

Civil Societies Splash for Hope fundraising and communications campaign, focused on raising funds for the People Living with HIV Sector (PLHIV) 2018/2019

Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Dialogue Programme conceptualisation and  implementation also the NMF 46664 Youth HIV  Community Dialogues Programme.